VLF High voltage test equipment – the HVA series

VLF high voltage test equipment of the HVA series by b2 electronics is the most advanced VLF AC/DC hipot test equipment of its kind available.

HVA systems detect faults in cable networks in a non-destructive yet efficient way and fulfill all the requirements of modern cable testing.

HVA high voltage test equipment

In particular the compact design as well as the outstanding output power to weight ratio set them apart from all others and make them world leaders.


This ultra-light high voltage test equipment is nevertheless able to test cables up to a length of 60 km.


By generation of a load-independent, true symmetrical sine wave high voltage, test results are truly repeatable and comparable, even for different cable lengths.


Providing high modularity these hipot testers serve as ideal high voltage sources for the diagnostic systems of the TD and PD families of b2 electronics.

Operating modes of HVA high voltage test equipment

Depending on the application different operating modes with varying output waveforms can be chosen.

  • sinusoidal 0.1 Hz VLF high voltage up to 200 kV
  • DC voltage up to +/- 200 kV
  • squarewave voltage  up to 200 kV for sheath/jacket testing
  • DC-voltage for cable fault conditioning (burning)

Reporting and display

The HVA high voltage test equipment will record all relevant test results automatically during a test cycle.


Measured values are shown to the user on an integrated display.

  • test voltage
  • test current
  • load capacitance
  • load resistance
  • preset test time
  • current test time
  • flashover voltage

Stored measurement records can be retrieved via Bluetooth, USB drive or RS232-interface.

Easy to use

HVA high voltage test equipment provides outstanding simplicity and usability.


It allows the operator to select preset manual or automatic test sequences. The user can also create new customer specific test sequences. 


The predefined test sequences are in accordance with international standards

and guidelines.


To assist the operator to high degree, HVA hipot testers employ automatic test frequency calculation.

Thus, output frequency is automatically optimized to the load applied to the HVA high voltage test equipment.