GPS controlled time reference

The CMGPS 588 synchronization unit is an antenna-integrated GPS controlled time reference. It is optimized for outdoor usage and works as a PTP ­grandmaster clock according to IEEE 1588-2008 / IEEE C37.238-2011 Power Profile.

The CMGPS 588 can be used to synchronize the time base of an OMICRON CMC or DANEO 400 test set:

  • Control one OMICRON test set at a predetermined point in time
    (triggering the starting point of a test process) or
  • Synchronize the starting point of a test process of two or more OMICRON test sets or
  • Accurately time-stamp data captured by an OMICRON test set

CMGPS 588 is automatically ready for operation shortly after providing power supply via Power over Ethernet (PoE). The distance between the CMGPS 588 and the test set can be extended up to 95 m / 312 ft by using extension cables (one 15 m/49 ft standard Ethernet cable plus two 40 m/131 ft rugged Ethernet cable reels).

Compatible test sets:

  • CMC 356, CMC 256plus, CMC 430 and CMC 353 with NET-1B, NET-1C or NET-2
  • DANEO 400
  • ARCO 400

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