Key features

  • Customized system approach to match specific monitoring requirements
  • Synchronous, four-channel PD data acquisition for complete PD assessment
  • Advanced noise suppression and fully automated PD cluster separation for convenient evaluation
  • Recording of raw PD data at selected intervals for in-depth post analysis
  • Seamless integration with third-party monitoring devices and SCADA systems


  • Continuous dielectric condition assessment of insulation in generators and motors
  • Optimization of rotating machine maintenance strategies

Permanent on-line partial discharge monitoring system for power generators and electrical motors

MONGEMO is a customizable, permanently installed system for the continuous on-line monitoring of partial discharges (PD) in the stator windings of rotating machines.

Using the system’s convenient Web interface, you can remotely configure the monitoring system, view real-time data and trends, and analyse the collected raw data.

MONGEMO provides you with warnings and alarms when PD activity reaches or exceeds pre-set threshold values. Using this actionable data, you can assess the risk of dielectric failure in your machines and optimize your maintenance strategy.

PD monitoring data from MONGEMO can be easily exported to SCADA systems.


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